Book Giveaway #4
October 30, 2011, 11:51 am
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Congratulations to Kevin from Raleigh, NC! You’ve won this week’s book giveaway!

Ingvar loves this crunchy October salad! I hear you, Ingvar. I love it too!

…more tomorrow. : )

Book Giveaway #3
October 23, 2011, 10:49 am
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Congratulations to Hattie from Denver, Co! You’ve won this week’s Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice giveaway!

Hattie and Ingvar harvested these fragrant herbs to be used in tinctures and vinegar. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Next Sunday will mark the 4th and final Ingvar’s VeganMoFo giveaway. To enter, send your own Ingvar photo to Fancy food and shmancy cameras are not required– we’d love to see whatever you’ve got!

Book Giveaway #2
October 16, 2011, 3:32 pm
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Hey all,

The winner of this week’s Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice giveaway is Rebecca from St. Louis, Missouri. Rebecca, thanks for sharing your picture of Ingvar soaking chickpeas! Please send your mailing address to Hope you enjoy the story!

I’ll be back for week 3 with sweet new MoFo recipes, coloring sheets, and other fun stuff. In the meantime, feel free to visit the G-O-B-S-M-C-G-Juice Facebook page to make requests for new coloring sheets!

Book Giveaway #1
October 9, 2011, 10:55 am
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Congratulations to Allison from Chapel Hill, NC– you just won a free, signed copy of Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice! Please send an email to with your mailing address.

Allison says, “Ingvar is totally pumped about these muscadine grapes! Soon he will learn to make muscadine wine!”

Thanks, Allison! Hope you enjoy the book.

I’ll be giving away another free book next Sunday and entering is super-easy. Just follow these directions for submitting a photo. The winner will be drawn names-out-of-a-hat-style. Open to kids and adults living in the U.S. Can’t wait to see all of your cute Ingvars!


Southern Sushi and Handmade & Bound
October 6, 2011, 11:01 am
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Hello hello!
Last night I dined with my dear friend Heather, a true vegetable lover and midwife-in-training. (Did you know that this is National Midwifery Week?) Heather hosted and prepared our feast, and my contribution was a plate of southern sushi.

I love making nori rolls throughout the year, using whatever ingredients are available from my farmer friends. This is especially fun in the fall, when winter squash, greens, roots, and shiitakes are abound! For this roll I used quinoa instead of sushi rice, which works just fine and tastes great. It does require decent sushi-rolling skills since the quinoa isn’t very sticky and kind of wants to fall apart. I cooked the quinoa with red miso, then tossed it with brown rice vinegar and chilled it in the fridge.

The fillings:

-local black eyed pea tempeh, mashed with homemade sriracha, toasted sesame oil, and a little Vegenaise
-steamed turnip greens
-green onions
-chopped almonds and black sesame seeds on top

I really packed a lot of filling onto each nori sheet and had there been onlookers, they would have been doubtful when it came time to roll. No worries, imaginary observers. Ingvar and I have this completely under control.

The spicy black eyed pea tempeh & turnip green rolls were so, so good. I served them up with wasabi and pickled beets from June!

On another note, I’ve been meaning to share photos from Handmade & Bound Nashville. It was a super-fun event featuring bookmakers, zinesters, and independent publishers. I had a great time sharing my book and making finger puppets with kiddos throughout the day– and it was totally inspiring to see all of the beautiful handmade books people had on display.  Thanks to Watkins College of Art, Design & Film for putting on such a smooth-running event!

book by Leslie Patterson-Marx

book by Leslie Patterson-Marx

If you live in Nashville and you like looking at incredible handmade books, check out Encoded Structures: Interpreting the Story — a juried gallery exhibition at Watkins.


…and finally, don’t forget to send in your own Ingvar photo by this Sunday for a chance to win a free, signed copy of Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice!

Raw Tomato Stacker Uppers
October 4, 2011, 10:03 am
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Today Ingvar and I bring you a quick-and-easy recipe for Raw Tomato Stacker Uppers.
I wish I had a nicer photo but friends were over and everything just happened so quickly…

First of all, I really love cashew cheese. And macadamia cheese. And pistachio cheese. And sunflower cheese. (Do I need to continue?)
Nut cheese compliments all kinds of vegetables and throughout this tomato season (which is still hanging on here in Nashville) I have been pretty into stacking those juicy little beauties up with some cashew cheese and pesto. These rich, creamy, fresh bites are a hit with everyone who tries them– kids included!

There are lots of cashew cheese recipes out there, and I suggest doing some exploring. Here’s mine:


-2 cups raw cashews, soaked and drained
-3-4 tbs. fresh lemon juice
-3-4 cloves garlic
-1/4 cup nutritional yeast (or to taste)
-1 tsp. sea salt
-black pepper to taste
-whatever herbs/spices your heart desires
(I used truffle oil & chipotle powder here)

Combine all ingredients in a food processor or high-speed blender and process until creamy. You’ll need to add a little water to help things along. Store in the fridge.

To make Raw Tomato Stacker Uppers, slice tomatoes into approx. 1/2″ rounds. Place a dollop of cashew cheese on each slice of tomato. If you have lots of tomatoes, put another round on top of the cheese- if not, no worries. Next scoop a little pesto onto the stack. Basil– parsley– arugula… they’re all good here. Top with a small slice of bell pepper, an olive, or something else that tastes good and makes the stack look finished. Drizzle with olive oil (or truffle oil if you’re feeling luxurious) and sprinkle with fresh basil, dried herbs, hemp seeds, or whatever sounds good to you. These can be as shmancy or as humble as you see fit, depending on your presentation. Enjoy!

Want to win a free, signed copy of Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice? Send in your own Ingvar picture to enter!

Vegan Cardamom Ice Cream with Roasted Plums and Toasted Almonds
October 3, 2011, 10:08 am
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Good morning! It’s Monday and time for my first contribution to Ingvar’s VeganMoFo–

…but before I share today’s dreamy, creamy, vegan ice cream recipe,  I have a special reminder:
I’ll be giving away a free, signed copy of G-O-B-S-M-C-G-Juice every Sunday in October. To enter, just send in a photo of your own Ingvar posing with tasty vegan food. Not too tough, eh?

On to the recipe!
Vegan Cardamom Ice Cream with Roasted Plums and Toasted Almonds 

Here’s the story. My partner (Ki) buys fruit in bulk through a co-op. Crazy bulk. After signing up for the co-op, his first order was for 75 pounds of peaches. We ate lots, blended lots, made peachy dishes for our weekly potlucks, and froze the rest for smoothies.  He recently ordered large quantities of pears and plums. The pears were easy to get through– pears in salad, pears in green smoothies, and just straight-up pears are all so, so delicious. The plums required a little more creativity. A couple weeks ago I veganized a cardamom-plum cake recipe for our potluck and it was oh-so-good. It got me wanting more cardamom-plum, but I did not want more flour and sugar. The following recipe is the solution I came up with, and friends, it’s just wonderful. Fragrant, toasty cardamom pods. Creamy coconut milk and cashews. Warm plums. Crunchy almonds. Rich, decadent, autumn goodness!

This ice cream recipe does require an ice cream maker– however, the dish could certainly work without one. Roasted plums with cashew-coconut-cardamom sauce and toasted almonds? Sounds good to me. Just blend the ice cream mixture and chill in the fridge until ready to serve.


-1 can coconut milk (I recommend Native Forrest brand because the can is BPA free)
-1 cup raw cashews, soaked for an hour and drained
-2 tbs. green cardamom pods
-1/2 vanilla bean, scraped (or sub 1 tsp. extract)
-2 tbs. cardamom powder
-1/3 cup pure maple syrup or other liquid sweetener
-pinch of sea salt

-8 to 10 very ripe plums, halved and pitted
-coconut oil for brushing (optional)
-1/2 cup raw almonds

1. Toast cardamom pods in a saucepan over medium heat- shaking them around so they don’t burn- until fragrant. (2 or 3 minutes). Add coconut milk and give it a little swirl. Continue to heat just until the milk is steaming and bubbling around the edges. Remove from heat and cover. Let the mixture steep for an hour while you do something important.

2. Strain coconut milk to remove pods. Blend the milk, cashews, maple syrup, vanilla, ground cardamom and salt until smooth. (A high-speed blender works best). Pour mixture into ice cream maker and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

…later in the evening when you’re entertaining fancy guests:

3. Preheat oven to 375F. Chop almonds and place on baking sheet. Bake until lightly browned. (Keep your eye on them. This won’t take too long and it’s preferable that they don’t burn). Remove almonds and set aside. Cover baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange halved plums, skin-side down. Brush with coconut oil and bake until soft, about 15 – 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool slightly.

4. Serve warm plums with ice cream and almonds. Enjoy quickly before all of the deliciousness melts into a puddle!

serves 4-6

…looking for more vegan ice cream recipes?
Here you go
and here you go.

Ingvar’s VeganMoFo 2011
September 28, 2011, 10:22 am
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Hey wonderful people!
Have you heard that it is almost October?
This means orange, red, yellow, brown, crunch! Sweaters, bonfires, winter squash, Halloween!
And this year, it also means VeganMofo.

VeganMofo stands for “Vegan Month of Food” and was originally created by the fine folks at Post Punk Kitchen. During this month, hundreds of bloggers from around the world write as much as possible about vegan food. Participants share recipes, product reviews, cooking techniques, gorgeous foodie photos, and more- (

This October, with the help of my dear friend Ingvar, I’ll be a MoFo! Some of you already know Ingvar from my veg-themed children’s book, Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice  (he’s the narrator). Fans have shared some great photos of Ingvar posing with their favorite foods…

…and during Ingvar’s VeganMoFo, I will too! I plan to post an Ingvar food photo every weekday. Some days I’ll share recipes, and on other days I’ll just share pictures for the sake of pictures. (A photo diary, if you will). I certainly enjoy looking at the pretty veg dishes other people make– and I often discover new ideas for basic weekday meals by seeing what others are doing. You feel me?

Because VeganMoFo is all about community, I want to see your Ingvar food photos too! As if drawing a face on your finger and snapping a photo with your dinner isn’t easy enough, I’ll offer some incentive. At the end of each week in October I’ll be giving away a free, signed copy of Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice. To enter, simply follow these directions for submitting a photo. Winners will be selected using the names-out-of-a-hat-method on the 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. Open to kids and adults living in the U.S. Feeling totally pumped? You’re free to submit as many photos as you’d like.

In addition, I’ll be posting lots of new veg-themed coloring sheets! If you or a kiddo in your life like to color, keep your eyes peeled for those.


On another note, remember Vegbooks?

It’s a fantastic site that reviews children’s books/media in search of those which promote veg values. Vegbooks is currently hosting a book review contest to celebrate their 500th review (what an accomplishment!). The winner of the contest will receive three veg-friendly children’s books: That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice, and Our Farm. Learn more here.


Lastly, Handmade & Bound Nashville is this weekend! I’ll be reading at 11am on Saturday. If you’re in Nashville, come on out for a fun day of bookmaking!

THE juice!
May 17, 2011, 10:41 am
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Someone finally made garlic-*shallot-beet-spinach-mango-carrot-grapefruit juice!  Gabby, a young fan of the book, made the following recipe with her aunt Amy and shared it with their family.  Gabby’s mother said it tasted like a better version of V8.

Gabby and Amy’s recipe:
2 mangos
6 carrots
1 grapefruit
1 beet
1 cup spinach
1 medium clove of garlic
½ shallot (the only concession made to make the juice semi-drinkable!)

Thanks for sharing, Gabby! You’ve inspired me to try the recipe myself… especially since green garlic, spring onions, spinach, baby beets, and carrots are all in season here in Nashville! If anyone else decides to try the juice (either with this recipe or your own), I would love to hear about it.

On that note, Your Daily Vegan is giving away a signed copy of Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice (plus 5 buttons) this week!  To enter, comment on this page with a juice recipe containing at least two of the ingredients from the book’s title.

Thanks also go out to Jasmin and Mariann from Our Hen House for their super-sweet review of G-O-B-S-M-C-G-Juice in Saturday’s podcast. Listen here (the review is at the end of the episode).

Hope everyone is having a great week! More to come soon–
Nathalie VB

Earth Day winners
April 24, 2011, 9:52 am
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Congratulations to Jennifer, June, and Iris! Enjoy your Earth Day tweeters!

Ingvar loves the BBQ sandwich and golden soup at the Loving Hut in Reynoldsburg, OH!


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