Feeding a Happy Vegan Hamster (and a new coloring sheet!)
October 20, 2011, 10:07 am
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First and foremost, let’s color! This “veggies and a peace sign” coloring sheet was recommended by Amy on the G-O-B-S-M-C-G-Juice Facebook page. Enjoy!


If you haven’t already met my hamster-friend, let me introduce you. Cute, huh? I want to share a little about what we feed Buddy, since his diet is vegan and he seems to really enjoy his food.

The majority of his diet consists of this Ecotrition organic blend. One bag lasts the little guy months and months, and the ingredients are pretty solid (organic alfalfa forage, oat groats, wheat, millet, milo, corn, soybeans, pumpkin seed, papaya, banana, flax…). Buddy had been eating some questionable food when we adopted him (as consumers, have hamsters really expressed a need for bright green, yellow, and red food?) but he transitioned over to this stuff with no complaints.

In addition to the dry blend, Buddy eats various veggies, nuts, and seeds throughout the week. His favorites are cucumber, romaine lettuce, broccoli, spinach, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and flax seeds. Sometimes he’s super pumped about wheatgrass, and other times not. He loves fruit but receives it very rarely since dwarf hamsters are prone to diabetes. He also gets a cooked chickpea or a couple lentils once in a while– yum!  For more info on foods that hamsters can and cannot eat, I recommend checking out a book about hamster care. There is plenty to read online (here, for example) but it’s hard to gauge the reliability.

Buddy’s dinner 1: dry blend, wheatgrass, chickpea, and green pepper

Buddy’s dinner 2: dry blend, cucumber, spinach, carrot, sunflower seeds, 1/2 cashew

Buddy hanging out in his bedroom

best buds

I’m giving away a free book this Sunday… to enter, show us your Ingvar!

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I just came across your article, and would like more information on the food that you mentioned. I wasn’t aware that there was any animal-ingredient-free small animal food, and have, therefore, been feeding my little “Robo” Hamster a piece-meal diet of vegan things, and no official “hamster food”. His main staples have been Green Mush and Harbinger’s VegeKibble. But, he has shown decline in various areas since I got him last Spring (fur loss and severe loss of mobility in his back legs over the last few months :-(), and I’m not sure if it is just from aging (he’s, probably, about a year-and-a-half old or even closer to 2), or if it is from something that I have or have not been giving him (I didn’t know the thing about Diabetes, and do often give him fruit :-|). I’d never been able to find a vegan small-animal food, and therefore might have inadvertently been depriving him of something that he needs vitamin-wise or whatever, because I didn’t know there was an acceptable food out there and have just been attempting to give him a good diet on my own. If you could get back to me with more information on that food (confirmation that there are no hidden things and that it’s still the same since you wrote this entry), and any helpful information that you might have, I would really appreciate it.
~*Kristin Star*

Comment by kristinstar

Hi Kristin, thanks for getting in touch. I understand how complicated it can be to provide care for a small animal. I am not an expert on hamster food, but Buddy seemed to thrive eating the ecotrition organic blend, with additional fresh veggies, nuts & seeds, and so on. He died last year* so I am not sure whether the ingredients have changed. It seems this food is currently hard to find online, but they do have it in stock on Amazon:

Do you have any books on robo hamster care? This might be the best way to learn about potential causes of his symptoms. Wishing you the best!

*I do not know how old Buddy was when he died. We took care of him for a year and a half, but didn’t know his age when we adopted him.

Comment by Nathalie@thorathinks

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